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8-K Reports: These are unplanned and irregular SEC filings which contain news updates that are of immediate interest to the companys' shareholders. For instance, an 8-K report may contain news of a major new merger agreement, or departure of a key executive. Market-moving corporate events are reported through an 8-K report first as per SEC reporting requirements, before the financial news media picks up on them. This is perhaps the most direct source of actionable information for stock traders that exists today.

The Problem: Investors are overwhelmed with over 200+ 8-K reports daily. Many of these filings happen overnight. Nobody has the time, or sanity to read even a fraction of them.

Our Solution: Automatically scan ALL 8-K reports for keywords of trading interest, so you're always in the know. Perfect for those who demand to be among the very first to know about important corporate events affecting US traded equities. This information is simply too valuable to rely on journalists to digest and relay it to you, who will always take precious time before publishing about it. Using our solution enables traders to learn of important market news that will not be written about by the financial news media until much later, or even ever at all.

For Example: Recieve an email alert anytime a company files an 8-K report mentioning "Blockchain", or "Lithium", "23andme", or "Walmart". Be the envy of your trading circle by always being the first to know, with minimal effort! Simply set it & forget it.

Powerful: Create your own custom keywords to recieve alerts on. Research tools are bundled to help you find new keywords.

Pioneering: The only keyword-customizable 8-K scanner on the market today.

Fact: Only An Elite Few Ultra-Sophisticated Investors Have SEC Keyword Scanners

Exclusive: We estimate fewer than 1 in 1000 active traders use a SEC Keyword scanner. You can Google that term and find that the service is essentially unheard of. That's precisely what makes this technology so valuable. While our service is currently open to the public, we may in the future need to limit it's userbase in order to preserve exclusivity of this and future proprietary market research tools we develop. To guarantee your spot, you must act now.

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